We are your authorized SCCA and NASA Sealed spec Miata Center.


SCCA sealed spec Miata is a very affordable and easy way to get into the racing community.

shapeimage_1 (1)How is it affordable you ask?
  • Eligible for Sunoco payback money
  • Most inexpensive race car to operate per race mile
  • Learn the art of momentum (i.e., corner speed)
  • Tires last and are very affordable
  • No crew needed to race an SSM
  • No need to constantly change parts
  • Gets good gas mileage and only needs 91 octane gas
  • Brakes last because you don’t use them much
  • At 180,000 miles plus, these engines still make 113 horse power in most cases
  • Most inexpensive way to get your 1.6L Miata engine tuned for its best life and performance
  • No obligation to seal your engine after dyno check ($60 charge for dyno check with air / fuel reading, then if you do decide to seal, that $60 will be deducted from the total)
  • Almost free ($60 dyno checks, 3 run-ups) to all SSM racers

Wow! You cannot get more affordable than that!

Complete tune and sealing with new spark plugs – only $325.
SSM Reseals are $180, including new Autolite AR 3935 Pre gapped spark plugs

mssm.jpg (1)60+ Miatas sealed to date.

We can rejet your carburetor or flash tune your ECU for the best performance.

Bring you 1.6 liter Miata to garage #16 at Thunderhill Raceway Park. Bring cars as is – no need to remove motor.


We are also your approved N.A.S.A Sealed Spec Miata Dyno center

005_5We can dynomometer tune and seal your Miata for the series. We can help tune your car for optimum performance. We are here to keep your competitive.

Dyno tune and seal NASA SSM $499.

If you bring two (or more) vehicles at the same time, we offer a discounted rate of $325.00 each.

Tune and reseal SCCA OR NASA Sealed Spec Miata $180.