We are carburetor and fuel injection specialists.


MCE 125WEBSITE PHOTOS 001-filteredThe biggest benefit of Dyno testing your vehicle (beyond bragging about it) is the opportunity to get the MOST out of your vehicle.  When we DYNO test your vehicle, we can give you an idea on how to IMPROVE the performance. We can also perform the necessary modifications needed to make your engine run to it’s FULLL potential. Chassis dynomometer testing and tuning can be very beneficial to your street driven (or occasional track day car).

shapeimage_2 (1)We can tell you ACTUAL wheel horsepower and torque (RWD & FWD) and crankshaft horsepower (by doing a ‘negative horsepower’ test). We’ll give you a full color print-out of your results. We also have the ability to check your air/fuel mixture to get the most out of your dyno test time.

iphone pics 2014 037If you are planning any upgrades to your fuel or exhaust systems (anything from a simple cold air intake to a full-on fuel management system), it’s in your best interest to get a “base-line” test before the modifications. After your modifications, bring it back and we can tell you the actual gains you have received and TUNE your engine to get the most out of your investment. We can also tell you if the upgrades have helped, or hindered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are having hard to diagnose ‘check engine’ light problems or a driveability issue, we can help. Since the dyno will run your vehicle at normal road/load conditions, we can find problems your dealer or repair shop cannot. We have extensive knowledge and the proper diagnostic equipment to help solve your problems.

We can (and have) dyno test FWD/RWD cars from most every make and model.

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