002_2When it comes to your race / track car, chassis dyno testing is the ULTIMATE way to properly sort it out. There are not enough track days or time to tune it “by ear’ on your own, you can jet the carb and set the timing to where you think it will work best. The hard part is getting your initial settings to work properly on the track in real world conditions. Our chassis dynomometer can get you the results you are looking for.

We can check air/fuel ratio at any RPM/load on the vehicle. This will aid you in setting up your car for track use since we can re-jet or tune your ECU and set the ignition timing properly.

shapeimage_1 (2)We can help tune your car to get rid of flat spots in the rev range and optimize the timing and air/fuel for YOUR specific driving style.

If you have a track test day coming up, just let us know in advance and we can have the dyno, carb jet kits and anything else you might need to aid in tuning your car the right way. You can even take laps in between settings to find the optimal tune for your car. We are here to help get the most out of your car.

droppedImage_3Dyno Testing is just $80! Includes 3 runs with air/fuel readings throughout rev range, and print-out of test results.

DSCN0049We also have options for you to tune your car while on the dyno for “before and after” test results. This option is ONLY allowed if you give us advance notice and extra charges may apply depending on the time spent! Please let us know at the time you make an appointment.

*please note* even though we carry a large variety of parts for tuning your vehicle, please give us PLENTY of advance notice when you’d like to tune your car. We want to help as much as possible, we’d like to be properly prepared when you get here.

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