456Serving both northern and southern California and all points between, willing to travel all states. We can bring our dyno testing to you and your customers/friends. We can travel with our crew of professionals to your destination. We have custom built a trailer just for this mobile dynojet 224X dynomometer to make it easy and fun to get your car tested.

iphone pics 2014 142Testing of each car takes 20 minutes or less. Every car that is tested gets a full color print-out of horsepower and torque including the air/fuel ratio during the whole test.

iphone pics 2014 113Not only is it a nice way to get bragging rights about the power your car makes, it also helps you make the right decisions on your next upgrade or modification. We can give you some advice what might help get you even more power.






Call or email us for your reasonable price today! Southern California mobile dyno located in San Marcos, California.



iphone pics 2014 079Modification shops

  • Show your customers how much power their vehicle ACTUALLY makes
  • Sell the parts and labor needed to improve that performance of their vehicle with the numbers to back it up

Specialty repair shops

  • Have a DYNO day / customer appreciation day.
  • Have a meet-up at your shop for all of your customers and show them the work / maintenance you have been providing for them actually benefits their vehicles.
  • Let them mingle with your other customers with the same type of vehicle

iphone pics 2014 037Parts store / performance parts store

  • An open DYNO testing day shows that you are ready to help your customer with getting them the right parts to make the power they want.
  • Provide them with the parts needed to make their vehicle run right and at peak performance

Car Club Meet-Ups

  • We can have our dyno there to show who’s car makes the most power. It’s all about the TRUTH IN POWER, right? Don’t let them get away with their  “bench racing” claims, make them prove it!
  • Let them see if those last mods they did actually delivered on their promises.

iphone pics 2014 077AUTO-X races

  • We know the winners car is fast, but lets see if we can help the other guy make his car better.
  • We can test it and see if we can help them make it faster

Car Show / Concourse

  • All cars are there for “show” reasons, let us bring another dimension to it. Real world testing. We’d all like to see what that car puts out.

Movie/Commercial and Sound Shoots

  • We can travel to your location or studio for your camera or sound needs.

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